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We are so excited to have everyone back at the Eastern States Expo during the dates April 16-23,2023! 


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All-American Nominations from our 2022 show! 

National Quality & it Shows! 

- Nomi
nated Jr All American Winter Calf:
Auburn Star Ringer Aurora, 
2nd place winter calf , HM Junior Champion of the Junior Show
- Nominated All
American & Junior All American Fall Calf:
Heineman Tuxedo Sriracha, 2nd place fall calf, JR Champion of junior show

- Nominated All American Winter Yearling:
Coulee-Crest Kingsire Courtney, 1st place winter yearling
- Honorable Mention Jr All American Junior 3 year old:
Hidden-Valley DB Bermuda, 2nd place Jr 3, Intermediate & Grand Champion of Junior show, HM Intermediate Champion Open
- Nominated All American Sr 3 year old:
GVP Lochinvar Gabby-ET, 1st place Sr 3, Reserve Intermediate & Reserve Grand of Open Show
- Nominated All American 5 year old:
Old-N-Lazy March Madness-ET, 1st place 5 year old

Brown Swiss
- Nominated All American Winter Yearlings
RMD-Dotter W Taylor-ET
,  1st place Winter yearling, Reserve Junior Champion 
Opsal-J Dynamite Paparazzi,  2nd place Winter yearling, HM Junior Champion 
- Nominated All American Fall Yearling

Kruses Carter Jive-ETV,
  1st place Fall yearling,  Junior Champion
- Nominated All American JR 2 Year Old

Hilltop Acres R Willa-ETV,
  2nd place JR 2
- Nominated All American SR 2 Year Old

Cutting Edge N Shrill-ETV,  1st place SR 2, Intermediate Champion, HM Grand Champion
Terra Rose Cliff Shasta ,
  2nd place SR 2, Intermediate Champion Junior Show, Grand Champion Junior Show, Reserve Intermediate Champion Open
- Nomi
nated All American 4 Year Old
Cutting Edge F Faroh-ETV,
  1st place 4 Year Old, Senior Champion, Grand Champion, Supreme Champion 
- Nomi
nated All American Production Cow
Cutting Edge CP Margo-ET,
  1st place Production, Reserve Senior Champion, Reserve Grand Champion

- Nominated All American & JR All American Summer Yearling :
Clover-Patch Drone Lexie,
 1st place summer yearling, reserve Junior Champion of Junior Show
- Nomi
nated JR All American Summer Yearling :
Heritage Brook AP Tinsel-ETV
 1st place winter yearling, reserve Junior Champion of open Show

- Nominated All American Winter Calf:
Riser-4 War Chariot
, 1st place winter calf 
-Nominated All American Jr 2 Year old:
Retso Sidekick Charlene-ET, 5th Place Jr 2 Year Old Open, 1st Junior show, HM Intermediate Champion of the Junior Show

- Nomi
nated All American Winter Calf:
South Mountain Whistlin Dixie, 1st
 place winter calf , HM Junior Champion Open Show
- Nomi
nated All American Fall Yearling:
The Wild Kid of Retso, 2nd place Fall Yearling
Nominated All American 4yr Old:
SSF Andreas Camilla, 1st place 4yr old, Senior & Grand of Open Show, Reserve Supreme Champion

- 2022 AJCA Reserve All American Winter Yearling:
SBF Jeronimo Andi,
 3rd place winter yearling

Red and White 

Milking Shorthorn
coming soon

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Please feel free to contact by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Moira Poitras: 413-244-8969

Scott Poitras: 413-244-8968

Diana Parker: 607-725-0437

Toni Jacque: 413-687-7129

Bonnie Burr: 860-416-9531

Zach Tarryk: 860-576-0939

Scott Davenport: 860-460-7325

Richard Giddings: 802-770-8660

Seth Johnson: 614-208-3529


Location: 1305 Memorial Ave, West Springfield, MA

Thanks for reaching out to us! 

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